Jake’s First Blog Post

This is going to be the very first blog post ever to exist on this site ever. I’m not even really sure what to talk about specifically, as this is mainly a test post. As such this will probably get deleted when more interesting content is posted, but I will go along with this for now. My name is Jake and I have so far experienced an interesting run of this game I call life. I’m still doing a playthrough of this run but at level 30 I’ve learned a lot so far. I’ve had experiences from here to there, and I’ve thrown a ball around once or twice. I have always wanted to have my own website to call my own, though I find that once I finally have something, that I want to share it with my friends. As such, as I work towards building this website and learning more and more about what it takes to manage and maintain a website, I will coerce my friends who are interested in the subject matter to also be part of this creative space.

I will talk a little bit about myself and what I am all about now. So brace yourself. As you may know by now dear reader, my name is Jake and I made this website. Well actually WordPress and WordPress tutorials helped guide the handful of clicks that created what was in my imagination and *poof* out came this… thing. When I was a kid in the 2000s I thought it would be really neat to have my own website for whatever I want. I think about that episode of The Simpsons when Homer makes a webpage and fills it with noise and gifs (do you say gif(t) or jiff?) and has everyone in town visiting his webpage until it later gets hacked. I wanted to have my version of that but with hopefully more noise and more gifs.

Homer Simpson's Web page
Dancing Jesus and gif friends make noise on a web page

I had MySpace for the basic stuff I wanted to post about, and so I used that until Facebook came around in 2007 when everyone I knew jumped onto that social media website. I liked that Facebook had managed to convince everyone to jump ship. A lot of my friends were on social media sites that were targeted towards different ethnic groups or interests, and so not all of us were on one place. Thanks to MSN though we were able to still stay connected when we weren’t hanging out in person. Now that everyone was on Facebook though, I would post some cringe opinions that I won’t mirror here as that would require me to go back and take a look. Though over time Facebook quickly lost its magic as my own parents and other old people would be using it. Not that I’m against old people using technology, it’s just that I’m against old people using technology that isn’t a pacemaker. Actually, though, I’m not sure what it was, my interest in social media and having a presence in the endless void of opinions eventually died.

Since then though the idea of having my very own website had stayed strong, except my urge to play video games all the time was at an all-time high. This is what I spent a lot of my time doing and it was great until I found out I was in my 20s and hadn’t developed any sort of real-world skills that would propel me to be successful. Though I’ve had my share of experiences, I am at a place in my life now where I can say life isn’t like that for me anymore, and I am finally working towards a better future for myself. When I have free time I now dedicate it to the things outside of video games that I am interested in. Suffice to say, I am still very much into gaming though I have found great interest in other areas of life that I wish to explore more and put out here. Now felt like the right time to create a website to share my thoughts and my opinions in a safe space that isn’t drowned out by the endless void of Twitter or Facebook or Nexopia.

I hope that if anyone stumbles across this website they take away something from it whether it be information or entertainment. Or a whole lot of nothing, so long as I get that click I suppose. Maybe I’ll draw a little comic to show my appreciation.

Thank you for coming to my Jake blog.

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