Krobeverse August Update

Greetings to everyone who visits the Krobeverse and is reading this post in particular. This will be another off-the-cuff-style blog post that will update you on me and the Krobeverse. I will structure this to be a little more organized than my last blog post, but the purpose will still be the same. As this is a more free-form side of the website I feel I can be more honest and open about anything and everything, and it will give me a chance to write things down in an almost journal-like fashion. I’ll talk about the website, what I’ve been up to, and whatever else is on my mind.

The Krobeverse

I’ll touch on the important bit first, namely the website. As it’s been about 2 months since my last blog post, there have been some major changes to the Krobeverse. I’ve had some time to really learn the ins and outs of WordPress and figure out how to get what I wanted out of the service. This results in how the website looks overall, which I initially wanted to be more like a 90s / 2000s website but that ended up feeling too outdated. So I tweaked it some and out came what you see as of August 2021. I wanted to maintain the simplistic structure I envisioned but also not look too dated, and so far I think I’ve accomplished a good mix of the two. I will continue to play around with it and if anyone who reads this has any suggestions the comment section should be open. I will double-check to make sure leaving a comment is as easy as doing your taxes in a foreign country.

On the landing page of the Krobeverse, I am still tweaking what looks good and I think as the Krobeverse grows it’ll change to suit the needs of visitors. For now, I’ve put a block of recent posts, a not-so-frequently-asked-questions area with some basic information about me, and a video section of my latest video on YouTube which I really had a lot of fun editing and I like the nonsensical nature of it. If you like 007 Goldeneye you might enjoy it. It’s funny or le epic moments that I saved and compiled along with a lot of editing. I’ve learned a lot from editing those videos and when I have more time I will be putting out more stuff over on the YouTube.

As I am pushing to get courses done as well as write part-time for a gaming website to maintain a living, I haven’t put too much time into the website as I’d like, but I’m shifting focus a little bit so that I can. I’ve put out a couple of articles related to gaming and it is content that is true to me, but I will be putting out non-Pokemon-related stuff too. Pokemon BDSP is just an easy topic to hit as news is surrounding it and I happen to have been a fan of Pokemon since 1997 so I feel I can write about it easily. Other than that I have a laundry list of topics I’ve brainstormed that I would like to hit, with some ideas on series I’d like to do.

I haven’t had a chance to write up some comedy or fiction bits, but they are avenues I still want to explore so I am keeping them up despite not having any content in them yet. I don’t want to rush something out for the sake of having something there, but in due time I will have something to post in those categories. Much like the gaming section, I have brainstormed a handful of ideas for both the fiction and comedy portions of this website, so when I have more time to work on that I will do.

What I’ve been up to

doorknob hammering

I live in Canada but I’ve been visiting my girlfriend in the US since March and I will soon be flying back home in the middle of September. I will have a little more time to do something creative that will work in conjunction with this website, especially since I will have access to my hardware that I haven’t touched in almost half a year. This will be good because I think the content here could benefit from it. I won’t go into much more detail but even though it seems like I’m winging it (which I totally am) I do have some plans in the works.

I still have school I’m focusing on, which will become more of a priority come January next year. I also have a feature writing job for a gaming website, though it pays pennies in comparison with anything else you could find, and so I’m quite keen on moving away from it when I can. For now, though that job is what I dedicate a lot of time to. In my spare-spare time I have been bouncing between some games, most notably a really well-made Pokemon ROM hack which I want to feature in a post (who would have guessed) when I’ve finished it.

I recently gave the Diablo 2: Resurrected beta a try with my cousin, and we also beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft’s Cave and Cliffs snapshot in a single sitting which we hadn’t done before. Those were a lot of fun, and as a fan of ARPGs, I am excited to play D2R when it comes out. After being in the States for almost half a year, I am excited to go back home. Though I will be away from my girlfriend, I still have a lot of things to do when I come back that I am looking forward to, as well as seeing many of my friends. I will most likely be back in the States within the first quarter of next year but it’s too early to say.

I’ll try to be posting content at least weekly, but my goal is twice a week. I’ll reference this part of the blog if I fail this goal and any readers out there feel free to lambast me for it. I don’t know how to sign out of these blog posts so I will just say bye. Bye.

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